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Support and guidance for families with indoor health concerns.

You’re worried about your home and you want to be sure your family is healthy. But you’re overwhelmed with information and are uncertain about what steps you need to take next.

From the health of your home to the health of your family, I help you focus on what you need to know to make your next decision.

From building science to personal health:

Transform uncertainty into a clear evidence-based plan for your family and your home.

Remediators fix buildings. Doctors heal bodies.

Who’s helping you?

You’re overwhelmed but know you need to do something. You may not even be sure where to start.

The advice you’ve gotten so far may range from “your house is fine” to “burn the house down”! Or you’ve remediated and been told your home is healthy, but no one has acknowledged that your home needs to be healthy enough for you.

You want answers so that your family can be healthy. You want accurate information. You want to feel calm and confident about your decisions. You want someone to be your guide.

I’m Heather Boyd. As a registered Occupational Therapist, I guide you in understanding your environment and in making choices to improve your home and your health. As a mom of three, I understand the challenges of navigating environmental health concerns when you’ve got kids. I work with you to take decisions one step at a time, starting right where you are.

I provide clarity, validation, and reassurance. I approach indoor health from a building perspective (how to make your home healthier) and from a health perspective (what YOU need to thrive physically and emotionally).

I take a collaborative approach with other members of your health and remediation team to keep the process as streamlined as possible so that you can focus on your priorities for your family and your home.

Workshops and Consultations

From the health of your home to the health of your family, I help you focus on what you need to know to make your next decision.

Healthcare Providers

Evidence-based and tailored talks for your team of health professionals to explore what to look for in your mould-exposed patients and their homes. Topics include:

  • Environmental Illness 101: Symptoms of Illness From Damp and Water-Damaged Buildings

  • A Healthy House: Practical and Therapeutic Approaches for Healthy Indoor Environments

Private Consultations

(Initial 30 minutes is Free)

Tailored virtual sessions help you identify your family’s indoor environmental health plan after water damage.

Taking a therapeutic and practical approach, I guide families to take action. We explore the health of your home and your family.

Fees may be covered by extended health benefits.

Speaking & Podcasts

Heather is a confident and engaging speaker with experience presenting in person and virtually at international conferences and as a podcast interviewee.

Heather focuses on practical, evidence-based strategies for improving indoor health. Talk with Heather about setting up a workshop or podcast interview.

Where You’ll Find Heather:

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Heather Boyd, O.T. Reg. (Ont.)

Niagara, Ontario, Canada
(905) 749-8254